Security Improvement

Understanding the situation

With the different events that occur in cities across the world over the last few years, it may be possible that citizens from your city no longer feel completely secure and expect a better management. As a city manager, you need to provide security for your citizens. It is indeed really complex, since it has to be executed in a way that citizens don’t feel spied on. Moreover, you need to ensure that actions will be taken in cases emergencies or danger. It is essential that you organize the logistical elements for all possible events. Technological solutions such as location sensors, security cameras, etc., can enable you to provide security for your city, but also to react rapidly when facing such events. At Amotus, we work together with public services in order to implement technological solutions for the security of your citizens.

Our solutions

  • Image treatment using video surveillance
  • Continuous surveillance of important sites
  • Public vehicle localization
  • Dashboard creation for central visualization of data
  • Threatening noise detection

Business cases

Public vehicles location

Many calls are issued to your city’s public services during a day and it is sometimes hard to send people that are closer to the incoming call. By adding sensors to your public service vehicles and having an interactive map of your city, you could be able to locate different vehicles in real time. Therefore, the person in charge of dispatching would be able to send the vehicles that are closer to where the event occurred. Your citizens would be reassured since action would be taken rapidly. Also, time would be saved for dispatch, which is another very important factor for the security of your citizens.

Threatening noise detection

Your emergency services probably receive calls from citizens stating that they heard threatening noises, but when the emergency team is deployed, they discover that nothing alarming happened. On the opposite side, it can happen sometimes that no measures are taken by your emergency teams when they should have. At Amotus, we offer a technological solution for threatening sound detection. Microphones are positioned on street lighting poles and trained to recognize specific sounds such as gunshots, windows breaking, etc. Therefore, when such as sound is detected, emergency teams are alerted. You no longer need to wait for citizens to call in order to take action.

Image treatment using video surveillance

A lot happens in your city within one day and being aware of everything that is happening using guards is very expensive and inefficient. It’s possible to provide a video surveillance system for your streetlamps in order to detect and recognize vehicles plates. With that, if a vehicle often drives around the same place within a certain amount of time, a signal can be sent to your emergency teams and action can be taken. Again, this reduces the amount of calls citizens make to public services and you are in front of the issue by offering continuous surveillance.