Mobility Management

Understanding the situation

Thousands of movements happen every day across your city through different transportation methods. It causes more and more traffic and this situation needs to be addressed. This causes environment problems, stress for the population and it reduces global productivity for your city’s companies. It is crucial for you, the city managers to address this situation and optimize road network management and the elements that it is composed of.

Looking for a parking, ending up in crowded places or make an endless detour can be stressful. It is known that a person’s stress is drastically reduced when she is informed when looking or waiting for something. It is for those reasons that public transportation networks offer arrival time of the next transport. Giving information is the key for citizens’ wellness.

Moreover, to improve your cities’ operations, it is crucial to calculate your actions. Therefore, to optimize mobility challenges, our IoT solutions based on data collection will help you articulate a valuable message for city managers and users.

Our solutions

  • Real time parking detection
  • Road traffic management
  • Public sites occupancy detections
  • Mobile app to inform citizens
  • Data visualization dashboard
  • Dynamic display system
  • Public transportation warning

Business cases

Traffic management on principal roads

You probably receive complaints from citizens when specific roads are closed and it causes traffic on other roads. In order to inform citizens and redirect them along less crowded roads, it is possible to install sensors on roadsides and collect data from traffic. These data are compiled into a dashboard that redirects traffic by indicating average waiting time of roads on a dynamic display. In real time, citizens can re-route themselves towards less crowded roads to make sure they are on time. With this solution, you diminish citizen’s stress and avoid traffic problems.

Public transportation warning

More and more, people use public transportation that you offer in your city. To improve citizens’ experience with public transportation, it is possible for us to develop a real-time information solution. Using a crossing detector, a display system, a mobile app and a dashboard, passengers know the exact arrival time of the next transport. Indeed, by calculating traffic and crossing time at the previous stop, the dashboard can show the arrival time. Therefore, passengers don’t have to show up at the stop in advance if the transportation is late.

Parking bollards sensors

Parking research can be very frustrating for conductors and it causes traffic in your city. At Amotus, we help cities develop solutions that inform citizens in real-time of free parking spaces. Helped by an app or dynamic displays and parking sensors, drivers no longer need to look for parking since they are alerted to free parking sports when arriving at their destination or proximity. Citizens’ frustration is reduced, and it diminishes traffic.