Creation of Experiential Spaces

Understanding the situation

A city’s soul often corresponds to public spaces that generates a life full of enthusiasm. Tourists, citizens and visitors abound in large numbers. As a city manager, you need to find innovative solutions to bring life to your city. At Amotus, we can help you realize those projects with the use of our technological solutions. If it is to convert urban furniture to furniture 4.0 or give information with the help of interactive boards, our team is able to develop such solutions from your ideas.

Our solutions

  • Innovative cultural experience
  • Dynamic advertising display using profiles
  • People counts using sensors
  • Displacement flow analysis to generate insights and trends
  • Connect existing urban furnitures

Business cases

Dynamic advertising diplay using profiles

Advertising displays on street sides are probably the most used rural communication to date, and you probably have more than one on your city’s streets. With our expertise, you could install sensors at different places in the street in order to collect data indicating which kind of person walks down the street. It would then be possible to transfer these data to a dynamic advertising display with interconnectivity in order for the display to show relevant information for the person who is looking at the display. With this kind of project, you create attraction in the street and you help people find information.

Innovative cultural experience

In your city, there are certainly dozens of heritage places, historical monuments or public artworks. Bringing these places to life is an exceptional cultural experience since it gives people the opportunity to learn about the city and it creates an important economic activity. To give tourists information regarding your city, we could help you by creating a mobile application in order to show information about the building the person is facing. With the help of RFID and the application, the person would be able to get information about the building on his cellphone by hovering over the RFID logo, it will be in his preferred language.

Connect existing urban furniture

Another solution would be to use existing urban furniture that are in public places in your city. Indeed, it’s possible to use existing urban furniture and add technological solutions in order to create an interaction with people. Moreover, this solution is not very expensive since the urban furniture already exists. For example, in a public park where children and parents go to play and have nice family time, there are benches and games modules. You could transform the games into educational games by adding technological solutions such as screens, sounds, etc., which is beneficial for children.