Environment Management

Understanding the situation

Adding to the existing problems, climate change bring other problems to cities. As a city manager, you need to have tools in order to react to these problems rapidly and efficiently. With specialized technological solutions, many problems can be solved, and economic benefits can be realized as a municipality. At Amotus, we proposed solutions such as sensors for garbage level, water levels in rivers and sewers, etc. Using these tools gives you the power to read and control different environmental aspects of your city so you can adjust when necessary.

Our solutions

  • Air quality monitoring
  • Trash management
  • Sewer level management
  • River water level management

Business cases

Trash management

In order to optimize garbage collection within your municipality, it is possible to optimize movements from your truck drivers using sensors to detect the level of trash. Truck drivers repeat the same pattern every day for many years and they don’t even know if there is trash to collect. With a tailor-made solution such as the one we propose, you will be able to see that a lot of garbage doesn’t need to be collected. Your managers will be able to re-allocate truck drivers to other services for your citizens. You’ll also reduce the total usage of your trucks per year, which will reduce you carbon footprint and maintenance costs.

Sewer level management

A sewer that is too full can lead to a lot of damage to the city’s pipeline system since it can pour onto fields and flood houses and buildings nearby. Using technological solutions like water sensors enables you to minimize damage in your city. We at Amotus propose a water sensor system connected directly to a dashboard so you can visualize your city sewers on an interactive map to see if they are almost full and correct the situation before it’s too late by sending cleaning teams to problematic sewers.

Air quality monitoring

The bigger the population of the city, the higher the pollution level. Regulating air quality is very important for the wellness of cities and it’s your duty as city manager to regulate this. Technological solutions such as the ones that Amotus offer help you control the air quality in your city. Indeed, installing air quality sensors to existing streetlight poles in your city enables you to collect sufficient data in order to take action when air quality is poor.