Interconnect a world that is intelligent, sustainable and responsible.


Amotus is a design house offering electronic and software development for customized interconnected solutions.

It is a company of engineers and programmers united to connect a smart, sustainable and responsible world. Since then, the last five years, the company has completed more than 75 service projects in 15 countries. She has earned the trust of world-class companies for her precise skills in developing simple, efficient, and certified connected objects. The company has been selected and has won several entrepreneurial competitions including Fidéides.

Amotus has also designed its own comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT) platform addressing several major applications. This platform includes all the components needed to know in real time the position and status of equipment, products or people in a closed and open space. We cover markets such as manufacturing plants, smart cities and retail businesses. To give just a few examples, the platform allows the traceability of products mainly on a cold chain; the transformation of unconnected machines into intelligent connected objects; the transformation of street furniture into connected objects; Predictability of machine breakage for advanced maintenance; improving the business experience of consumers and tourists.

The combination of custom development services and the IoT platform creates the value of Amotus. That is, Amotus' team of experts develops customized components to fit the specific needs of customers. These components can be sensors, applications, dashboards and machine-to-machine interaction chains.

Amotus stands out for simple, effective and sustainable designs. All our employees care about the extended battery life and equipment. Our customers also have the desire to remain the owners of their data. Amotus develops open products and disseminates the data acquired on the platform chosen by the customer.


Stand out through interconnection a smart, sustainable and responsible world



  • Family: Everyone must prioritize theirs
  • Sustainable development: we act for the human and its environment
  • Innovation: innovation, a routine
  • Respect: all must be treated with respect
  • Happiness: the engine of success
  • Collegiality: each of us contributes to our success


Amotus Fun

Ask our team and each and everyone of them will say that team spirit is the most important for us. Our social committee is deeply involved. Activities are planned almost every week and the rate of participation is very high.  


Social Responsability

The mission we gave ourselves is not wishful thinking. Our business plan is built on this vision. Therefore, we have concrete actions within our clients and also internally. We practise these goals every day. 



Éric Dusablon, COO

  • 20 years of experience in the field of high technologies. 
  • Head of Software Group, R & D, recurrent product development experiences. 
  • Architectural analysis, distributed systems, complex design process, quality assurance. 

Benoit Bédard, CTO

  • 12 years of experience in the field of high technologies. 
  • Software developer and hardware developer. 
  • Electronic architecture, product development, to production 

Cédric St-Amand, Director of Engineer and Client Service 

  • 17 years of experience in electronics, software and IC engineering  
  • 10 years of experience in Production Engineering